Just Do What You Can

I grew up on a farm in southern Oklahoma.  I learned at a young age there are some things you never say as a farmer’s son.  At the top of this list for me was the phrase, “I’m bored.”  Don’t ever say you’re bored to a farmer.  He’ll find something for you to do in a hurry.  There are a myriad of things to do on a farm.  You never reach a point where every chore is finished and every task is complete.  There is always something else to do. 

 Ministry is much the same.  There is always something else to do as a minister.  Our work is never complete.  There will always be another sermon to write; another Bible class to prepare; another person to visit in the hospital; another marriage in crisis that needs your counseling expertise; another elders meeting to attend; another family to comfort after a death; another fallen away member to try and bring back; another personal Bible study to teach.  The list goes on and on and on.  A minister’s work is never done.  The nature of a minister’s work may cause you to view ministry as daunting and overwhelming.  How can a minister get done everything that needs to get done? 

 The best advice I ever received as a minister helps me deal with the above question.  A wise man once told me, “Just do what you can!”  These words will help you survive in ministry.  Just do what you can!  I believe with all my heart that one person can make a difference.  You can make a difference in the lives of people as a minister.  I have also learned that one person can only do so much.  Our time is limited.  Our energy is limited.  Ministers must not only care of the needs of others, they must also take care of their families and themselves.  Just do what you can!  There will always be work to be done in the kingdom.  There will always be sick people.  There will always be people in need of hearing the gospel.  There will always be families in need of counseling.  There will always be another sermon to preach.  Just do what you can!


About phillipljohnson

Minister for the Westside church of Christ in Norman, OK.
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